Peoria PD, union clash over staffing, response times

A disagreement about officer turnover rates and emergency response times in Peoria have boiled over into a public feud among the police union, the Peoria Police Department and that city’s officials.

Public complaints from the Peoria Police Officers Association in late July about the department’s direction sparked the dispute between the union and the city, with both sides refuting the other’s data about police staffing and response times.

Peoria Police Chief Roy Minter says violent crime in the city is down and the department has hired officers to keep response times stable, but union leaders disagree.

“I’ve been at this city for 23 years. We’ve never had officers leave like this,” said Officer David Adams, a senior representative for the Peoria police union. “The city has said Peoria is a destination for officers. That is a bold-faced lie.”

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