Stephen Smith

Stephen began his employment with the Peoria Police Department in 2007 and graduated from the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center in November. For the past 9 years he has worked as a Patrol Officer in the southern portion of the city on the graveyard shift and of February 2017, he has been assigned to the Peoria Police K9 Unit.

 In 2011, He became a representative for the PPOA and then in 2015 filled in as the interim Secretary. He was then voted into office in 2016 as Secretary for the PPOA. 

Other assignments with in the department include, Member of the SWAT Team, Firearms Instructor, Driving Instructor, High Risk Stop Instructor, Police Training Officer (Field Trainer) and Active Threat Instructor.

During his time as a Police Officer he has been awarded, Life Saving Award, Police Star, and (3) Achievement Awards. 

Cam Lebbon

PPOA President from March 2017. Police officer since Aug 1998.  Has been a Police Officer with the City of Peoria since May 2001.  Officer Lebbon has been an eboard member since 2005 when he took over as the PPOA secretary.  Officer Lebbon has been the PPOA Treasurer, PPOA Vice President and took over as the PPOA President in July 2009 where he was President and CEO for three years until 2012.  Officer Lebbon was appointed as President again in March 2017 to present.